The drive to salt lake city

From bonneville, it was 109 miles to slc.  Mostly the same but a couple of points.

First off….80 mph speed limit is awesome.


The first 40 miles was absolutely straight.  I have never went so fast for so straight for so long.  It was awesome but a bit boring.  I think they know that because there were a lot of signs that told you to pull over if you were tired.

I also learned that I should have failed my driving test because when I saw this sign on this road, I thought someone messed up.  But obviously I must not know what it means.


The one thing it could mean is that it can get windy.  If that is the case, somebody hasnt played enough pictionary.  Horrible sign either way.

On 80 at least, the geography is a bit different than nevada.  In NV, it was mountains, valley, mountains.  While very similar, it was more valley with sporadic mountain ranges.  As you approached the mountains the freeway simply went around it versus over it.

Anyhow, after a short drive from the flats, I arrived.  Will be here a couple of nights with the convenience of lights and a hot shower.  Apparently sundance film festival and some huge outdoor retailers conventions are here this weekend.  Picked a busy one.



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