Road Trip 2015 – Initial thoughts

Here it is people.  Some of you wanted to know how my road trip is going and wanted to see pictures, but sadly, I haven’t even started it yet.  I was set and prepped for last Tuesday but on that prior Monday, I got a call from Napa County for an interview for last Wednesday.  Decided to push everything back a week.  No job in Napa by the way.

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to seeing some places and cities I’ve never seen, catch up on some reading, say hi to friends, meet some people, get some good hikes or rides in, and just relax.  After 4 weeks of not working, I still feel like I’m on some kind of schedule.  Hopefully this trip will break that paradigm.

I am not sure how much I’ll be able to post as some of these places might be a little remote, but whatever.  This is all really for my mom anyways because she thinks my road trip is into some foreign land full of bandits, bears and lots of bad stuff – so hopefully she’ll be able to see where I’ve been and not worry so much.


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